KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board Maritime Centre of Excellence Acting CEO, Mr. Harry Mbambo.  

A warm greeting to All,

It is this time of the year where the 2019/20 financial year has ended, and the new financial year first quarter has begun and is close to finishing.

The KZN Sharks Board started a new financial year with such enthusiasm and umph with so much focus in terms of its Mandate i.e. Bather Protection, Scientific Research, Shark related Educational Programmes and Beach Tourism.

Distressingly, the entire world has been adversely hit by the COVID 19 and the South African President, His Excellency, Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa declared it as a Disaster under the Disaster Management Act.

The KZN Sharks Board’s Mandate is fully dependent on the people’s movement which consists of for example the schools, holiday makers, tourists, casual visitors, and general members of the public. Effectively from the 27th March 2020, due to COVID 19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, there has been zero movement of people in South Africa. All borders, harbours, airports, airlines, holiday resorts, places of interest, both private and public transport have been put on halt as a result.

Without too much details, a great loss has been suffered and experienced the hardest as there has been no self-revenue yielded between the COVID 19 start to date. The KZN Sharks Board sustainability does to an extent depend on various revenue generation streams identified by the Board.

Not to mention the Entity’s clientele who, unfortunately have been lost during the COVID 19 lock-down period with some critical stakeholders who also have been adversely affected in the process.

Budget cuts, roll-overs and relinquishing of some funds back to Treasury and shutting down the Entity’s core-business (Bather Protection throughout the KZN Coastline), other relevant activities, cancellation of the well planned strategic interventions, outreach programmes, lucrative business trips have left the Board with a sore feeling.

Following the governmental lock-down regulatory relaxation, the KZN Sharks Board saw it fitting to gradually and sensibly (Having considered the applicable Disaster Management Act’s related regulations) to reintroduce its staff members back to work.

The above would not have taken place without the COVID 19 Return Back to Work Plans and Preparedness having been adhered to e.g. enough PPEs (Scanners, masks, sanitizers, warning material, COVID 19 questionnaires and wellness programmes) had been prepared and sourced for the safety of all staff.

With all of the above having been alluded to, the KZN Sharks Board wishes to ensure all its valued target public and stakeholders about a firm and reliable business continuity the Board has put in place and it is believed that, the Entity will eventually go back to normal operations as if nothing happened.

It is, therefore, prudent for the Board to extend the words of appreciation to the South African government, the Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs,

Treasury, general members of the public and all our Stakeholders in business for their continued support throughout.

Yours in business,


Harry Mbambo

Acting Chief Executive Officer