2019 Cape Town Adventure Life style show 05 - 07 April 2019

05 April 2019

The Adventure Lifestyle Show promised to bring an interactive platform between visitors and exhibitors. The KZNSB shark jaws laid on display at the KZNSB exhibition stand, opened a platform for interaction between the show goers and the KZNSB representatives who were at the show. Attendees were able to touch, feel, and smell the shark jaws for authenticity of the jaws and for shark identification purposes.

Mr Frank Mtolo seen above, ensured that interest was created amongst the show goers to learn more about the organisation’s activity which include the Audio - Visual presentations & shark dissection shows, educational early morning boat tour to witness the maintenance of the shark safety gear, shark museum and the curio shop.


The Adventure Lifestyle show was one of many exhibitions shows strategically utilised by the Board to promote and raise awareness on its bather protection services and or activities. Attending the exhibitions assist in promoting the KwaZulu-Natal province as a preferred holiday destination. With a list of 37 main bathing areas protected with the KZNSB shark safety gear.