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Bid Number                                                               ZNT15/16KZNSB03



Appointment of the service  provider to render  Comprehensive Travel management service to KwaZulu Natal Sharks Board Maritime Centre of Excellence for 36 months period.

Awarded Bidder                                                       Gemini moon Trading 7 t/a Ltd XL Nexus Travel

B-BEE Points                                                           0

Points awarded                                                      90

KwaZulu – Natal Sharks Board would like to thank all bidders for taking the time to participate in this bid.

Kindly direct all queries to Mr. Mthokozisi Radebe on e-mail: radebe@shark.co.za.

 Please provide bid number as the subject reference.

All KwaZulu – Natal Sharks Board contracts are subject to appeals being timeously lodged within 5 days (if any) and letters of acceptance issued. (07/03/2016 -11/03/2016 by 15:00)