KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board Maritime Centre of Excellence Board Chairman, Mr. Sipho Mkhize.

I am pleased to introduce the KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board Maritime Centre of Excellence 2020/21 Annual Report on behalf of Board of Directors. 

This previous year has been one unlike any other, with the COVID-19 global pandemic reshaping our definition of normal and creating a new ‘normal’ of living and working. Like the rest of the global industries, the company has had to navigate unprecedented challenges to its operations.

However, the company’s solid business continuity plans, and infrastructure enabled us to swiftly adapt to the situation and allowed us to remain focused on creating value for our shareholders and customers

Sharks Board remained committed in achieving its vision and delivered many noteworthy accomplishments during this challenging year. The company continued to deliver it service as we protect bathers against shark attack, upholding our commitment to operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

The Board is pleased to highlight achievements of our joint ventures this year:

  • Sharks Board records zero Covid 19 deaths since the pandemic began
  • Sharks Board records zero shark attack in all protected beaches
  • Sharks Board has received a Clean Audit Report

Given the scale and rapid transmission of the COVID-19, health and safety became even more of a priority across all our operations, to safeguard our most vital assets – our people. We spared no effort in ensuring a safe workplace to protect the health of our workforce, by taking various measures to prevent the spread the virus and reduce risks to all our employees, contractors and visitors, be it at the office or onboard our vessels.

Our business continuity preparedness was proven with our ability to remotely work from home while delivering the same level of business excellence, further reinforcing our shareholder and customers’ confidence in the company. Moving forward, the Board of Directors shall continue to demonstrate unwavering commitment towards upholding and implementing the highest standards of corporate governance as well as robust risk management, business continuity preparedness, and various internal measures throughout Sharks Board to secure our employees’ wellbeing as well as the company’s sustainable business growth.

KZN Sharks Board Contribution to Beach Tourism through bather protection

Portion of the KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board Maritime Centre of Excellence’s (KZNSB) responsibility is to position, promote and market Beach Tourism\Ecosystem both Locally, Nationally and Internationally.

It has been demonstrated that, a high quantity of holiday makers/tours around the globe, are mostly attracted as a result of the KZNSB’s major contribution towards beach tourism i.e. Bather Protection, Scientific Research and Educational programmes in relation to beach and/or marine orientated fields.

This has had significant and great contribution on country’s (SA) Growth Domestic Product (GDP) e.g. different Airlines to KZN get busy, transport industry (Car rental/hire) benefits hugely, Local and Provincial hotels are mostly booked during holiday seasons, places of interest smile during holiday periods, shopping malls and restaurants are usually flooded by tourists’ influx, this is as a result of the KZNSB’s role in Tourism space, particularly, in KZN Province.

KZNSB has become the world’s only organisation renowned for its excellent services rendered by firstly, protecting beach users/holiday makers against shark attacks along the KZN Province which has led to a magnificent and lucrative incentive for the Province and South African continent at its entirety.

Due to KZNSB’s business case nature/uniqueness, it becomes practical that, KZNSB promotes and markets its own mandatory activities and offerings i.e. Audio-visual, Dissection shows, Beach Clean-up Campaigns, Boat Tours and more.

KZNSB is forever ready for all seasons in such a way that, we double our efforts by frequently checking our nets where visitors get an opportunity to witness this during Our early morning’s Boat Tour Trip which has received much acclaimed popularity amongst the international market through the years, while casual visitors mostly take advantage of this phenomenon during school holiday.

The above could not have been easily persuaded without the KZN having realized its potential as coastal province with massive strength to grow its economy through diverse subsectors of the blue economy. It is for that reason that, KZNSB has embraced Operation Phakisa as it had been launched by South African government in 2014 to explore the country’s vast marine business.

As part of this initiative, KZNSB has in the past packaged a number of projects that have contributed immensely to economic development and job creation. KZNSB focuses on port related activities, fishing, gas and oil, explorations, boat and yacht building training.

During the month of October each year, the KZNSB together with likeminded stakeholders, celebrate our oceans through The Marine Week. The Department of Environmental Affairs sets a theme each year, raising awareness of problems or areas that need highlighting concerning our oceans. KZNSB has built up on this with an educational programme which is the KZNSB Marine Week held over 3 days each year. Each year the event focuses into oceans and their sustainable utilisation within Marine Sector.

More than few KwaZulu-Natal public entities will soon be merged as part of a rationalisation exercise aimed at improving service delivery.

The KZN Sharks Board to be merged with Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife

The merger was part of a national macro-organisational strategy aimed at improving service delivery, curtailing overlaps and creating economic growth.

Provincial cabinet had certified the amalgamation of the entities within the Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs department (Edtea). The Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, would be merged with the Sharks Board.

Tourism KZN is to be merged with the Film Commission, while the Liquor Authority is being combined with the Gaming and Betting Board, previously under the Premier’s Office.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Sipho Mkhize

Chairman of the Board

KZN Sharks Board Maritime Centre of Excellence